How Do You Buy Cialis?

Since Cialis’ approval by the FDA to as a medication to treat erectile dysfunction in 2003, its sales have grown exponentially throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, and the rest of the world. As a result, the product has been available in a number of pharmacies and stores across the globe. More recently, the product, in the form of film-coated tablets, has become available for purchase online.

This offer of Cialis for purchase online is a huge benefit to consumers who may have had to spend more on the product in order to purchase it in person at a pharmacy. The online price is lower, and the product can even be purchased without a valid prescription by following a few steps on the UK Meds website.

Why Buy Online?

Companies like UK Meds offer the generic drug tadalafil, as well as the branded product Cialis online as a more affordable convenience to national and international clientele. With online purchase, the purchaser is able to select from a number of specifications including dosage and package size, making it easier to purchase just what the customer needs, without spending extra money.

With a valid prescription, customers are now able to purchase ten milligram or twenty-milligram tablets online, and those with smaller doses (like five milligrams) are advised to purchase the less expensive-per-volume ten-milligram capsule and simply cut it in half. Online purchase is also made easy with the option to have a consultation. If a customer clicks on the consultation button on the screen, they will be prompted with a questionnaire. After this process, physicians may be able to offer an electronic prescription.

Because it is available online, online vendors offer a cost-effective method of obtaining Cialis. Cialis can be purchased online for a lower cost even with the promise of next day delivery. Shipping is fast and easy online, with low shipping costs and shorter delivery periods. UK Meds, an online provider, offers all-inclusive service with the guaranteed promise of no hidden fees, which are typical of online pharmaceutical providers.


At UK Meds, Cialis is offered in doses of two point four milligrams for one-day erectile dysfunction use, five milligrams for once daily use for erectile dysfunction and/or BPH or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, ten milligrams, and twenty milligrams. They also offer variance in package size, including the cheapest option of twenty-eight pills for one month, fifty-six tablets for two months, and eighty-four tablets for three months.

As with any drug, Cialis can cost in the hundreds for a month-long dose of pills. A thirty-day supply of 2.5-milligram oral Cialis tablets is approximately £365. The price has risen as well from its initial price upon inception of the product being between £13.40 and £16.34 per ten-milligram pill to its current price, which ranges from £29.84 to £45.83 per ten-milligram pill.

Alternative Ways to Buy Cialis

The product is also offered from other online and in person sources internationally like Canada drugs with differing benefits from UK Meds. It is also available for an increased cost in person at various national and international pharmacies. Walgreens, CVS, and Target all carry Cialis among their “male enhancement products.” More information is available and can be reached by calling the store or visiting the store in person for more in-depth information about in-store pricing particular to the branch and brand.

Many insurance companies do not cover this medication or any medications intended to assist clients suffering from erectile dysfunction, and when they do cover it is partial coverage. As a result of how expensive the drug can be for clients, many corporations and business like offer discounts and coupons. offers a printable discount card to assist with the cash payment of prescription Cialis at many United States pharmacy chains like Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, and Target.

The Best Way to Obtain Cialis

Despite the array of in person opportunities exist to purchase the drug, the best option by far in terms of cost-efficiency, extensiveness of options, and high quality is to purchase Cialis from an online source like UK Meds.

The UK Meds website offers a comprehensive look at the medication, options for an electronic prescription, and easy-to-use selection tools to help choose the type, dosage, and package size each client would prefer. The selection tools make it easy to see the price of each option in real time, without needing to waste time scanning store shelves.

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